Choosing Frying Pans for Induction Cooking

Induction cooking has been popular in Europe for decades and now U.S. cooks are becoming fans. It is a method that requires a specially-designed stovetop as well as pots and pans designed for it. Chefs love induction cooking because it is fast and allows them to control temperatures more easily. Homeowners who install induction stovetops also need to buy cookware that is labeled, “induction compatible”. That doesn’t always mean investing in entire sets. For instance, there are ceramic and stone frying pans that are suitable for induction cooking.

Why Induction Stovetops Need Special Pans

The reason that induction cooking requires unique cookware is that heat is not produced the same way that gas or electric appliances do. It works via a process that creates a magnet. That means a frying pan needs to be magnetic. Although some existing cookware, such as stainless steel pans, may work with an induction stovetop, buyers generally need to invest in products with packaging that identifies them as induction compatible. During the cooking process the pans and their contents heat up very rapidly, but leave surrounding areas cool.

A Ceramic Pan Offers a Range of Benefits

Many cooks choose ceramic frying pans that are designed to work with induction stovetops. For example, a Ceracraft 10″ frying pan is compatible. The pan is ceramic coated and free of toxic PTFE’s. Its surface is non-stick and scratch resistant. The pan is very easy to clean but must be washed by hand. It has a stainless steel and forged aluminum base that allows it to work with induction cooking.

Stoneware Frying Pans Are Chef Favorites

Another excellent option for induction frying is stone cookware. Customers can shop online and find an 11″ Stoneline non-stick, PFOA free model that is chef quality. Natural stone cookware is prized for its ability to release the maximum aroma and flavor in food. The non-scratch surface is simple to clean with a paper towel. It evens includes a 12-year warranty.

Many cooks are switching to fast, accurate induction cooking that requires a special stovetop and cookware. Fortunately, manufacturers offer induction compatible cookware such as stone or ceramic frying pans. They are high-quality, easy to clean and very durable.