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Effects of Prescription Drug Smuggling

Due to the availability of different type of drugs in the market, there are those that need to be prescribed first before they are dispensed, these are referred to as prescription drugs. At times one may find himself purchasing certain drugs that are not prescribed by a doctor, such drugs include over the counter drugs. Different jurisdictions have different policies that govern the manufacture and use of drugs ; this also aims at reducing the consumptions of illegal drugs and countering drug smuggling. The following are the essential stages of drug monitoring that some countries have adopted in their drugs policy measures these include defunct category, pharmacy medicine, pharmacist, prescription, caution, poison, dangerous poison, controlled drug, as well as prohibited drug.

The manufacturers of the drugs are monitored by the drugs regulating bodies on the inclusion of the expiry dates in the drugs they make. Drug manufacturers need to include the expiry date in their drugs since it specifies the date up to which the manufacturer guarantees the full potency and safety of a drug. Consumers need to avoid using drugs after their expiry date. Before taking any prescribed drug ensure that you have checked its expiry date since it is the day that manufacturer guarantees the full potency of the drug. The information on the expiry date of the medicine are mostly indicated on the labels. The expiry dates are supposed to be indicated on the labels earlier before the drugs are marketed.

In addition, the drug regulation board also regulates the prices of the drugs. The other essential key area of concern that is addressed by most jurisdiction is the drug smuggling. One of the best strategies for curbing drug smuggling is to prohibit any unlicensed trade of prescription drugs and other types of drugs. Countries have passed severe penalties on people found to be smuggling drugs. It is good to note that the penalty varies depending on the type of drug , the amount smuggled, the places where they are sold as well as the people they are distributed. The following are some of the penalties that most jurisdiction have put in place as punishment to those found to be involved in drug smuggling, these include a long-term jail sentence, freezing of bank accounts as well as paying heavy fines.

Unlike in the past where prescription drugs were smuggled by individuals, nowadays, there are organization involved in the smuggling process. These groups have made it difficult for countries to regulate and counter their operations since they have many branches that are difficult to trace. The following are the essential strategies that needs to be put into consideration by governments when they want to curb illegal drug trafficking. With the increase in the number of smuggling groups, law enforcement agencies from all levels need to step up their operations against high intensity drug trafficking. Due to the availability of different law enforcement agencies that specialize in different fields, governments need to bring the agencies together in order to fight against the high intensity drug smuggling.

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